Rosemary Kidd MRTPI was appointed by Barnsley Council as the Independent Examiner of the Silkstone NDP.  The Examination stage follows on from Barnsley Council's Regulation 16 consultation.  The role of the Independent Examiner is limited to testing whether or not the draft NDP meets the "basic conditions" and other matters set out in paragraph 8 of schedule 4B to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended).

Details of questions asked by Ms. Kidd about the NDP, and the responses made by Silktone Parish Council and Barnsley Council, in the course of the Examination are given below.  This includes additional maps requested by Ms. Kidd, showing the location of proposed Local Green Space areas and the boundary of the Neighbourhood Area, the location of Silkstone and Silkstone Common and the Green Belt, are also available below.

As a result, Ms. Kidd produced her report on the outcome of the Examination on 10th May 2023.  This is available below, together with a revised version of the NDP, which takes into account Ms. Kidd's comments.  Both documents were "approved" by Silkstone Parish Council on 10th July 2023, and referred through to Barnsley Council, which will arrange a referendum of all residents of Silkstone and Silkstone Common to vote on the adoption of the NDP.  The referendum was held on 19th October 2023, when residents voted "yes" to adopt the NDP.

Also available below are detailed policy maps, witha larger scale than those included in the NDP.