The Neighbourhood Development Plan


Every Neighbourhood Development Plan has to follow the same statutory process before it can take effect.  The chart to the right sets out this process. Silkstone's NDP is currently at the Issues and Options consultation stage.

The steering group has developed the following Draft Vision for Silkstone Parish up to 2033 as the basis for the NDP:

To maintain the character of the villages by ensuring that any development is sensitive to the existing built and natural environment but recognises the need to support 21st century living in a sustainable way.

Our Objectives 

The steering group has also agreed eight Draft Objectives to implement this vision and form the basis of policies in the NDP:

Objective 1. To support the development of housing provision to meet local needs that is in keeping with the character of the surrounding area.

Objective 2. To support the protection and improvement of community leisure, sports and recreation facilities.

Objective 3. To protect, enhance and develop the Parish's biodiversity, natural assets and amenity areas, including the Trans Pennine Trail, the green belt, green open spaces, open farmland, and community allotments.

Objective 4. To protect and enhance the Parish’s built industrial and residential heritage and history

Objective 5. To preserve and improve accessibility and connections to the Trans Pennine Trail, the Wagonway, local beckside, local footpaths and bridle paths.

Objective 6. To support the development of a sustainable local economy, with particular emphasis on maximising local tourism assets.

Objective 7. To better manage local traffic to reduce highway congestion and increase road safety.

Objective 8. To support better access to local public transport networks.

The draft Vision and Objectives and proposed policies are set out in detail in the Issues and Options paper, available below. There will be an informal consultation of residents on this during April and May 2021.